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Peace, Love & Respect Aras / CPH / Denmark


~ by outlandishlook on January 2, 2007.

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  1. peace be upon you brother.

    first i ask you in this holy month to continue reading this letter becaause it is a letter that is being sent by more than 20 people. we are in wayne state university and our university is inviting a radicle guy that is going to give a speech about why palistenians must be exterminated. we are doing a rally on monday for the university to hear are voice i just hope if you can bring us more people and your support so that our minority voices will be heard for this radicle thought we just want the people to know that phalistinians are regular people and deserve the same amount of respect that everyone in this world has and they have the right to live as much as all the people in the world. thank you for your time reading this message baraka allah feek .peace be upon you, Ahmad Hijazi

  2. hi my name is salman ismail and im in highschool, im interested in nasheeds and been writting nasheed from quite a time in english and want to record them in the future so please give me some ideas or tips where i can become a succesful muslim artist,or should i go to recording school. please elp

  3. think yout amazing outlandish!!! 😉

  4. this site is wicked and im such an amazing fan of yours!
    do mail me back letting me know whether you upload more pictures or if your having a concert sometime 🙂

  5. bye

  6. hi im fans of outlandish..
    isam etc is great style..

  7. I have recently converted to Islam through educating myself and I have also started covering my hair. As hard as this decision was for an American woman I did it and now am proud the words of Outlandish comforted me when many people shunned me or gave bad remarks about my hijab I just want to thank them especially for “AICHA.” -Insha Allah one day the whole world will understand 🙂

    Lisa M. Carbert-Burgos

    A thousand eyes a day seem to fix themselves to the fabric wrapped round my head,
    weak whispers echo off the emptiness of the city,
    my footsteps seem to change the paths of others,
    distance between seats, lack of words,
    secluding me… as if I’m contagious,
    out of the mouths of those uneducated… ignorance,
    out of their eyes… a burning judgment,
    hate and confusion, they’re jumping to conclusions,
    Cincinnati’s not made for a Muslim,
    to some it may seem I do not belong,
    in no offense to no one I choose to cover my hair,
    but how can such a strength be seen as such a weakness?
    I used to wear my hair long and my shorts short,
    today, what a price is placed on the skins of women,
    true beauty is blocked by the perception of “a look,”
    sister are seen as prisoners of their place in a mans world,
    but I am here to make it clear that we are the liberation,
    to every woman, a decision is her own,
    a mark to show she’s married,
    fabric to cover her hair,
    a dress to show of her confidence and pride in being a woman,
    delicately designed stains on her hands and feet to show of her traditions she is proud,
    women of this modern world make sure our place is spoken of,
    and all young women will possess confidence in being proud of who we are,
    where we are from, and what we stand for,
    I now am respectfully dressed, proud in my step,
    this woman is not repressed, but standing my own ground,
    confusion stirs the spiteful spoon in this melting pot of a country,
    and terror blaming fingers point to Muslims as a whole,
    religion… a war to never be won,
    one world, one life… just one,
    of creations and opinions of God there are many,
    with over millions of minds in this massive world we should respect each other’s opinions,
    because we have just a single lifetime to walk these grounds,
    and many of days are spent judging each other,
    the words of Allah are embedded in my heart,
    and my scarf shall cover my hair,
    and for those who choose to, they can stare,
    for we, sisters of God are not out of place,
    we are but a few strong women in this world making a sacrifice for God and no man,
    ribs from Adam, heart from Eve,
    the strength of a man and the burdens of being a woman,
    I know my worth runs deeper than my legs are long,
    my strength may be seen as a weakness but I AM STRONG,
    the worth of a woman in this world, a shame,
    because more than a pawn are the queens in the game,
    and more than our bodies in this world do we have to gain.
    With my head held high,
    Looking to the skies,

  8. is this made by Outlandish?

  9. was this website created by outlandish?

  10. I wish i could meet u guy…I love u guys! U guys are the best band ever, and may allah bless u guys.

  11. Hi dear i am planning to do a show in copenhagen and i need your contact number. please contact me as soon as possible. i have sent many mails to your email.and also my number please contact

  12. Salaam brothers, at my school we are planning to have a Eid party next year, but not a real party with music and all dancing and that… We was wondering whether you would be able to visit our school and perform for us next Eid, I would be really grateful if you could reply to this message as it isn’t a mail that you get from a usual fan, it is to show other Muslims that we care about what Eid actually means and if you could/would perform I’m sure it would open peoples eyes.
    Thanks for reading, Hawwa:)

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