Artists Suggestions

Timbuktu, Sweden

Advance Patrol

Bob Marley, Jamaica

Cheb Khaled

Looptroop, Sweden

Mohamed Lamine




Burhan G


Tupac Shakur


Alliance Ethnik

The Fugees

Salah Edin

Petter, Sweden

Xavier Naidoo, Germany

Yadam Gonzales

Goodie MOB

Daniel Lemma


Moussa Diallo, Mali

Promoe, Sweden


Intik, Algeria

Le Micro Brise le Silence aka MBS

Alex, Denmark




~ by outlandishlook on January 2, 2007.

6 Responses to “Artists Suggestions”

  1. Outlandish rocks, will have to check out some of the other groups that u mention as i am not familiar with all of them.

  2. You should definitely have artist Dany Raï as a moro, as he has worked with Outlandish on all there albums, recently musically and lyrically on “REGGADA”, and on Isams soloalbum as a composer. Check out his myspace and decide for yourself www.

  3. yes,completely agree…if you could Aras,bring some more stuff about Dani Rai,he deserves that people know more about him
    You’re doing a great job with this website,its so good 🙂 Thank’s for sharing with all of us Ol news 🙂

  4. They should put Zain Bhikha,Rashid Bhikha,and Naadira Alli on this…

  5. Bob Marely is definatly a moro =D

  6. Dany Raï is currently working on his solo album “Water In Sahara” according to his myspace & website where his songs are also put for download.
    He is a close member of the el moro musical fam so a definite moro 🙂

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