Redemption Song

Listen to the new version of Outlandish/Isam B production of Bob Marleys most known and respected song Redemption Song. Here. The original song of Bob Marley is personally one of the songs I love most in the world…….. Outlandish version I’m not that sure about yet, it’s very sweet and a bit to happy compared to the seriousness and hurt in Bob’s version. Still I really like the concept of mixing new Bob Marley songs from Outlandish site, he was and is still definately some for them. What do you think?


~ by outlandishlook on February 4, 2007.

9 Responses to “Redemption Song”

  1. Salamz Aras,
    Hard to compare,I’d listened to the old version just few days ago when I knew that Outlandish is going to sing it.Bob Marley’s slower but difinately has it own flavour,which i guess no one can do it Outlandish’s more pop and Marley’s is reagge.but anyway I like both and surely Outlandish is good enough and deserving to sing such song..sung by a very known and rescepted singer.

  2. Redemption Song has a different beat but holds the Outlandish flavour.

    Well done.


  3. i absulotly love it, Im addected to it .

  4. I like!:D

  5. lovely song ,it s amazing

  6. Where the hell dya here there new releases’s cuz im going mad cuz i realy wanna hear the new trakz??????

  7. they massacered the song, its not meant to be folk, its reggae and always will be for me I will never willingly listen to the outlandish version that is not good music!!

  8. i loved the OL version, it s not a so sad song for me…and i think they adapted it very well to them…. they didn’t copy Bob Marley, actually nobody can copy him!! and they had the wisdom to make their own version of this amazing song. i think it was a good idea, thanks to them i listen again to the Bob marley ‘ s version.. i think good job!!! it just confirms again that Isam can sing everythin!!he makes it beautiful and appropriate to himself..

  9. Outlandish is the best music band i ever heard….i love isam b and waqas…..plz continue as a unit….

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