Isam B goes Solo


Dear Outlandish fans – a very hot hot piece of news

Isam B goes solo! His solodebut album will be relesed in Denmark on the 20th of August – containing mainly Danish lyrics and his super funky and wicked voice. The first track from the record is called Institution, a song about what drives Isam personally and how you are going from one institution from another in your life.

Personally I’m not sure if this is a good gamble, I know some of the old songs he did on his own back in 2000 – and his voice just ain’t that strong for a whole record – but make your own mind and take a look at his own myspace profile Click here. According to Danish music magazine Gaffa, Outlandish will still carry on normally.

~ by outlandishlook on July 11, 2007.

11 Responses to “Isam B goes Solo”

  1. Could you please somehow write out the lyrics of the song?Would be so cool coz I ain’t really confident with the few words I understand and I can’t listen to the song with full attention if I donno what it’s about so please…!Thanks in advance:-)

  2. hi ingoy with music

  3. his voice aint that strong for a whole CD???
    did you HEAR the CD? it’s absolutely GREAT.

  4. oh my god!! how can anyone say his voice is not strong enough for a whole CD. he has one of the most unique voices in the whole world!!

  5. i like so much u’r songs broyther 000XXXX

  6. I would really like to hear Isam sing this song instead of enterpreting the old danish songs. What is the point? We alle know he likes to call himself a dane, but i don’t think that justifies spending so much time on something that most of all comes across as: Why won’t you just accept me?

  7. salut mon ami je m’appelle ABDESSMAD J’aime votre musique mais pourquoi vous ferais pas un video a if only ou bien life is a loom stp repondé moi et merci mon ami

  8. Selam aleykum, Moram priznati, da je Isam Bachiri jedan doista dobar reper ali sam se bojala da je gotovo sa “Outlandishime”
    Hvala Bogu – nije
    Mir nad vama!

  9. brother i like u soo much and wish only one day u come to germany if u can, and make us happy. It would really make me so much happy to contact u!

    Put Gog 1st 🙂
    God blees u

  10. isam ich bete dich an t le meilleur jeune homme gross bssouu

  11. uun grosss bisouuuuuuuu a isam

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