Isam B conquers Denmark


Today was the release day for Isam Bachiris debut album named Institution, containing 10 tracks in Danish. The album has already been called a milestone within the Danish Music Scene, and he has been compared to some of the biggest Danish artists ever music and lyric wise, such as Kim Larsen, HC Andersen, Emil Aastrup, Karen Blixen and so on. Isam has shown a completely convincing and sincere insight in the Danish life on the street and among the youth generation. His lyrics are extremely clever and poetic at the same time. His way of writing and rhyming is very rare and his passion for old Danish national hero authors shines through. 50 per cent of the songs are inspired by some of the revolutionary Danish authors throughout the centuries. Institution recieved mainly 4-5 and 6 stars in different magazines. To listen and buy all the tracks click here and here.

A English translation of the 10 track titles


Alle veje fører til Malmø = Al ways leads to Malmö (City in Sweden). Within the latest decades of years it has becomed very popular among the Danes to move to our brothernation Sweden, because it’s cheaper to live and breath there – The song is about all the people travelling to Malmø, because there’s more Bling (Money) and more Breath (Tolerance).

 År som Måned = A Year like a Month. A song dripping of sorrow, when you suddenly lose somebody close to you.

Benny Adam = Benny Adam.

Entertainern = The Entertainer. Cover version of Danish artist CV. Jørgensen. Lyric here.

Et Godt Måltid = A Great Meal. Which is a tribute to his newly wife, singing his the luckiest man in the world.

Haven i Lommen = A Garden in the Pocket.

Hver sin Vej = Everyone’s own path.

I Danmark er jeg Født = In Denmark I’m Born. Originally one of Denmarks most important and beloved poems written by HC Anderson himself at the time. Isam clearly shows how much he loves his country by declaring “It’s you I love, It’s you I love, Denmark my own sweet homeland”.

Institution = Institution. About Isam’s raise, his daily movements and life in the inner streets of Copenhagen.

Så Længe = As Long. Featuring the legendary hiphop artist and rapper Per Vers.

Many more info’s about the album will follow soon. Here are some of the reviews and articles from todays newspapers.

Click here, here, here, here


~ by outlandishlook on August 27, 2007.

15 Responses to “Isam B conquers Denmark”

  1. Thank so much for the info Aras.. By any chance do u have the lyrics of “Hver sin vej” or do u know where to get the lyrics???, i search on some danish website like dklyrics… but i didn’t find anything…

  2. Ey thank you, its really nice to get some feedback, doesnt happend that often – yeah in theory I got all the lyrics, they follow with the cd, see if I have some time to put them up soon

  3. thank u aras 4 the new pic:d
    This website is really looking up!

  4. hey! could you put my site in ‘blogroll” ? (
    this site is awesome! keeep up the amazingly goood work moro.

  5. I`m inlove in this person 🙂 LOVE YOUUU.YOU ARE THE BEST !!!Good luck

  6. hi isam i am one of fan frome Romania, wish u all the best , i hope u and lenny and waqas make new album whit nice songs, and i hope u guys come back in Romania for more shows.

  7. isam is HOT

  8. isamm is the best im just in lov with isamm

  9. i hope that one day u come in kosovo (L)(K)

  10. algerie maroc tunisie vive le mghreb isam

  11. thank u aras 4 the new pic:d

  12. hey every body i’am abdessamad i am from morocco i love isam becouse his song great and nice and i have group name spanglish with my friend abdellah he is like outlandish

  13. Do you know why Isam B. conquered Denmark? Well because he is so cool! Waqas is just lost and Lenny is just……….uh Lenny. Isam is the best and always will be. He is so damn cool.

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