Isam B Tv2 Radio


Listen to some of the huge interest shown by the medias for our very own Isam B. Click here  and scroll down to “Hør Isam Bachiri” and the picture of him and just click. He tells about why he wanted to do a Danish album, that he ONLY wanted to do 10 songs, not 11, but 10 songs – and how and the record company together found out what kind of Danish songs he wanted to interpret, such as CV Jørgensen and worldknown HC.Anderson.


~ by outlandishlook on October 9, 2007.

18 Responses to “Isam B Tv2 Radio”

  1. where did you get the pic ?’

  2. happy mariage Ms bachiri

  3. i cant seem to see isams new vid. someone help please.

  4. na i dont feel like helpin u srry

  5. go on youtube and put danish by outlandish smart one
    and then scroll down

  6. idiots

  7. what is these imply. Subhannallah, plzz respect for my bra’ and my sis’ ok? These is really???

  8. Happy mettid, my moro’s fav. We love you.

  9. iam kareem from egypt cairo i lave song walou 2 mach and i lave Distribution of music and writing songs I hope that happens in Egypt portraying a song you thanx

  10. i just love you isam im from kosovo

  11. luv u outlandish..!
    great style,,
    luv ur style..isam bachiri..

  12. hey Isam Bachiri I love u so m…

  13. Check this out:

  14. Hey, check this out:

  15. te admir foarte mult mult mult!semeni cu iuby meu!!ai voce super!sunteti trupa mea preferata…VA IUBESC!!ISAM…I LOVE YOU!
    I am from Romania.God bless you!

  16. I love Isaaaaaaaaaammm [:

  17. Im callin’ u…from Bosnia 🙂

  18. i just love you isam im from morocco wald bladak hhh lool

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