And the winners are OUTLANDISH! MTV is half over and the Bella Center is boiling and Outlandish just won the price for Best Danish Act, infront of big names in Denmark such as Kashmir, LOC and Nik & Jay. They’re also the only Danish band to present an award and later on they have the honour of performing at the Town Hall Square together with Snoop Dogg, Pharrel and Keane. But they are not really that impressed.  

” We’re not really that kind of persons”, they explain and make fun of the MTV hysteria ” YES now we have won a MTV-Award! YES this is the biggest thing in our carrier! ”.

“Let me give you an example of something big instead, for example we have a Myspace-profile and get messages from people everyday. It can be a person, who writes that right now she’s crying because she’s listening to one of our songs. That’s impressing. That’s a zenith man, because there you know that you have touched somebody. ” Waqas tells, when Frikvarter meets the band some weeks after the Award show.  

At Frikvarters homepage people have voted for Best Danish Name, and Outlandish won with 47 % of the votes. Congratulations. ” Crazy!” Lenny bursts out and yells to Isam, who are late for the interview, Frikvarter’s readers have voted for us! Did we really beat Nik & Jay???  Yeah they came in second with only 22 % of the votes.Spontaneously Waqas begins a thanking-speech. “Thank you to Frikvarters readers, they’re genius. Thanks to Frikvarter and their journalists. I love Frikvarter. “ 

In best celebrity-manner we hand over a little goodiebag as price for Outlandish.


“ WOW there’s candy in it! Thank you a LOT for that. And a David Owe CD??? Ehh thanks! Has he really done a cd??”

Waqas ask in a wondering tune and starts to read the tracks out loud.

 Don’t look back in Anger!!! Black Hole Sun!!! “ Okaaay.

“That we don’t comment on, it’s from our own record-company” Lenny immediately interrupts Waqas and keeps him quiet for a very short time. 

Frikvarter is very curious about how it was to be sourronded of big superstars such as Justin Timberlake, Kayne West and Nelly Furtado?. 

“Well actually Nelly Furtado acted a bit like our groupie” Isam laughs and Lenny explains. “ We came down from a rehearsal and she had to perform afterwards, and then she just yelled “ But it’s you! OUTLANDISH, I Loooove your music! “ That was quite fun. “But that just really shows they are normal people, and then there are also the real celebrity-acting ones. Waqas explains.

“Some stars are really tight and are acting like “Don’t  talk to me man” and there’re the others who are really down on earth. “

“ Then there’s people like Kayne West, who just think he has to win all awards “ Isam bursts out.

“ He came to us when we had won our award and said “ Give it to me, I’m the best Danish act” But you don’t even speak Danish and you’re not from Denmark “ We tried to explain him. 

Did he really say that?

“No way”The boys laughs together, who in general are very good at playing games with Frikvarters journalist. It’s clear that the band functions good together and that they are enjoying themselves, and have a lot of inside jokes and communication.

Constantly they’re joking and bullying on each other, Lenny in the role as the big victim for Waqas sharp comments and sarcasm.   So what did you do after you won the price? Went crazy with champagne or? 

“ Well Waqas and Isam don’t drink alcohol, and I don’t really like it “ Lenny admits. “ But actually we are quite bad at celebrating something like that”. “ Yeah we could need a course of how to celebrate stuff” Waqas adds. “ But it’s also hard to enjoy when you are so focused. For example I never think I have seen Lenny smile, when they are calling our name for winners at award-shows.

“Aw come on, I did smile at the MTV show”. Lenny defense himself.

“ No nooo you did not. ” You NEVER smile. I think you should go home and look at all the award shows we have been at, and then see with your own eyes, that you never ever smiles”. Waqas maintain.

Isam intervene in the debate. 

“But yet all the prices go to you! He practically has a museum of Outlandish awards and prices in his house. Luckily MTV sends out several prices, so that each of one of us can get one this time” 

Later on we take photos of the guys so that they can get the possibility to act like real celebrities. Though it’s quite clear that none of them wants to make big smiles, when they’re on.

But they have full control when it comes to looking cool, so they still carry some star quality, even though they don’t want to be stars. “We don’t really want to be idols. The thing with screaming fans and hero-status I never really got that”. But we would like to be inspirators instead. “

Isam closes, and Outlandish drive away in their none-celebrity style cars, Golf, Toyota and a Fort Mondeo, so that they can reach Waqas dentist-time for his son. Totally celebrities.


15 Responses to “Interviews”

  1. woot thats the bomb go outlandish theyre cool and good and

  2. i laught a lot !! thx for provide us this interview!!!


  4. .again ma typos..

  5. hello evrey bady my nam radwan j’ai 23ans de maroc je veux etre rappeur comment je fait ideé moi plz

  6. waw i love the team

    i always hear songs

    best wish

  7. slt groupe outiandish

  8. you are the best!!!

  9. i love this group!!! and song Aisha!! my name is Aisha too!!!

  10. bre luv 2 outlandish!!!!!
    and watz wrong wiv a fort mondeo i heard dah was shah rukh’s first ever car!!!!!

  11. Fantastic!
    i appreciate their decision 4 making a cool atmosphier by singing this kinds of songs.welldone boys!

  12. i love you isam lenny et waquab wowowowoowwoowowowowoowowoww de mariam

  13. hi outlandish seviyorum

  14. Good morning OUTLANDISH i hope that y’r and hope that y’ll be on the top.

  15. you are nice and i my our fan.but meet only arabian rappers like nabeel rojeh,arabian knightz and morrocan rappers.dont meet or either perform with usa,uk singers and people.because their foolishness is that they will force u to take drugs

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