Isam B


Isam Bachiri is 29 years old and is originally born in Morocco. He was born in 1977 in the Danish Capital Copenhagen on the 1st of August. He’s raised in Denmark and he has been living in Brøndby Strand whole his life. Isam went to the Islands-Brygge School in Copenhagen, where he graduated as mathematical student and later on he began studying cand.negot at the University of Odense.

He went for Kuwait for 6 month and discovered a lot about himself and his culture. Afterwards he went home and brought a lot of musical inspiration and ideas which he presented and introduced Waqas and Lenny for. The cand.negot study takes 5 years so he hasn’t finished it yet, because of the music and the following busyness.
Already as a kid, people and teachers from his school encouraged him to sing and use his voice, because they thought it was so unique. Isam actually had an offer from a fine musician-school, but declined it because he was more interested in playing football and hanging out with his friends at that time.  

Isam came in contact with the music, by showing a huge interest for the developing hip-hop scene and subculture in America. At that time the hiphop-scene, underground, graffiti and subculture living and styles popularity exploded in Denmark and the rest of the world. Isam quickly found himself imitating the new and cool culture by amateur-rapping, tagging and break dancing. He started break dancing together with Lenny and Waqas. But after a very short while he realized that his body wasn’t build for break dance moves or tricks, so he started concentrating on the rap and its lyrics instead. 

Isam is maybe not World Champion in break dance, but instead he has created and developed a phenomenal singer-voice, as you can here on tracks like Aicha, I Only Ask of God, Any Given Time and Walou. His voice has a unique sound and comes out in the radio and loudspeakers without its equal on earth. In the early years of Outlandish Isam had a hard time controlling and utilize his voice varieties 100%, because he was quite young, singing was new to him and he was very shy to.

 But he took a lot of singing and vocals lessons, when he knew music was what he wanted and therefore the focus on singing, vocals and rhythm has been increased on the album releases. Hearing Closer than Veins one will discover Isam does almost all the singing, fillings and backing vocals himself, which is very difficult and rare in music.   He is also a very good and very fast rapper and often combines he’s speed of rapping together with the singing. Just hear the first verse in Eyes Never Dry, Kom Igen and his verse in Walou.  As person Isam is a more recumbent kind of guy, a bit shy some would say but also very delightful. He is actually the youngest in the group, but functions and acts more like a father figure. He’s the creative mind in the Group, he always knows what to do and what to mix and what the next step should be.   Isam is very political interested and cares and deals a lot about the situation in the Middle East, the suffering of kids and people in Africa and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Therefore it’s only natural for him to step forward at event shows, and declare to George Bush and the ministers in Denmark, that Outlandish doesn’t like war. A lot of people find it very provocative and he has been quite a discussed figure in Denmark 

Very surprised and pleased was he, when he won the award for best singer/vocalis in Denmark 2003. 



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  1. hes a very caring person…ma’shallah…may Allah(SWT)give him the best in life, inshallah…

  2. would like to him one day..

  3. Isam And outlandish have been an inspiration to all young muslims!!! Its just a shame that Outlandish have not enlightened the people of britain with their talent!!! Oh and if your single Isam …. call me!!!

  4. god has blessed isam wid a graet voice an i luv dat hes not bad thing coise it 4 bad things

  5. Isam is very talented and also a beautiful man. I’m not muslim but I feel so connected to Outlandish…

  6. Isam is… sensible i guess. i think he isnt really a media person; he is more to himself according to me. I like all the lyrics written by them a lot, which is why i respect them so much. For me, all of them are equal but Waqas is more open to us, and he’s got a nice sense of humour :D. lenny is reallly sweet and down-to-earth! they encouraged me to seriously research about the condition in the middle-east and spread awareness. I even have a black and white kefayah tied to my school bag to show my support- and im trying to raise funds at school InshAllah. May Allah Help me in this task! 😀

    i hope they got the letter from me that my best friend gave during the RIS! THEY have NOT replied back! but still-May Allah Bless them and may more people start listening to their message!. 🙂

  7. i lobe u mo0o0ot … god bless u isam … u have the best voice ever

  8. i love u mo0o0ot.. god bless u isam.. u have the best voice ever

  9. Isamo ur voice and ur style rocksssssss!!!

  10. isam!!! da best!!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR FUTUR MARIAGE BRO!M’BROK YA AKHI so lucky the sister!!inch’Allah it will be kheir!!!Isam he’s a good guy!!!and sure the sister “tfoulfi”(just a word in chleuh I know!lol) like her futur husband!!A good muslim it’s important!!!

    And I wait for your future children inch’Allah…the litlle isam singing!!!

    God Bless

  12. hes cool…but the way u ppl talk about him as if he’s ur idol…
    he’s just a normal guy with many talented skills MashAllah
    and God bless u
    peace out-texas

  13. mashalah tjis guy is so kind gifted mashala his songs are sooo peacefull may allah bless you and give you a happy life
    outlandish r the best
    sister from yemen

  14. isam and rest of ol av a wicked voice masaallah they produce cool tracks lovin it luv alway fahima peace

  15. there all amazing man!!! there the best ting thts happened to the music industry!! NO JOKE!!!! they spread the work man…god bless em safe salaamz xxxx

  16. I luv u isam

  17. Isam is the best!!!

  18. Outlandish really inspire me, i think theyre just the best!!

  19. salaam Isam,

    gseg ashinig, aad wazrig arifi jetef thie dien ines em shek,
    tbark Allah aliek, oe Rabi galiek.
    I hope you will understand this.
    Greetings from Holland. Maåsalama

  20. God bless you Isam it’s finally nice to see a Moroccan doing something good for a change- you know what I mean. I have so much respect for you and thanks for biggin up Maroc! Insha-Allah I might see you guys at The Electric Ballroom!

  21. hey
    ilove this guy
    isam forever


  23. may allah bless u bro ur such a great person
    thank u very much 4 all what u did ….
    and I hope u could come to Jordan
    ur sis Rana

  24. I will say that again and again and again-you are a beautiful miracle.elivod

  25. is isam married or engaged?

  26. he is married…

  27. isam u inspired me and every single muslim in middle east,, u r a great muslim, may alla bless u, and plz keep up the good work and dont stop singin, cuz ur messages go through our heart.. u agve me hope and isperation,,, i luv u so.. alla hafiz

  28. Isam keep up the good work and NEVER EVER STOP SINGING hope you go far in life. love you loadz xxxxxxxx

  29. a7bah wayd,, ^_^

    god bless u and ur lucky wife, inshallah,,,

  30. ok i wanna say that outlandish did the best to reach , isam we re so proud of you my ni99a … mashallah you were so good for real , ok i pray for you inshallah ,

  31. mashallah, he is so cute, for me he’s the only handsome guy in this world
    his wife is very lucky … she have to thank Allah everyday & nght
    mashallah he is very nice

    does someone know how his wife looking like???
    is there any pic of her???

  32. nooo we don´t have a ny picture of her.but i hope that we see her soon

  33. MashAllah, Outlandish is an amazing group. SubhanAllah they have a lot of skills at what they do… I wonder if they plan on coming down to the states any time soon… and When did Isam get married… if soo May God bless him and everyone else! =)


  34. isam i love you are the best man i hope you see this messages and i only ask for you are you married?i don’t no what i thing please responding my messages i don’t speak english very good because i’m romanian but i hope to understand that and you have a email adress?isam please responding i love you

  35. is his wife wearing the hijab?? (can someone tell me this?) oh, i just wanna know his wife! who is that lucky woman? Is she lookin’ nice? I wanna see a pic of her!!!

    😦 isam 😦 is 😦 married 😦 but I’m still in love with him 😦

    cry me a river!


  36. ?????

  37. Mashallah outlandish is a very kl group. i adore their songs soooo much! but they use a lot of music in their songs which is haram in islam…onli if we were allowed 2 listen 2 music then i wud listen 2 them day and night! outlanidish if ur reading this then please cut down in the music! thanks salamz

  38. u guys should leave him alone i’m glad hes married

  39. ısam,my sensıble brother,may Allah (swt)bless you….

  40. Milujem Outlandish, su uzasni… 🙂 Zana from Slovakia

  41. he is not Islamic although beautiful cuz he never hardly mentions Allah or the prophet saw
    also did u no that lenny is not a muslim!

  42. please do you know how we can contact outlandish group ? By mail or by the post i live in france and i like a lot this group…

  43. u hav beautiful muslim heart isam

  44. “also did u no that lenny is not a muslim!” yes,I KNOW that he is NOT MUSLIM! and so what?whats the problem with lenny being CATHOLIC?!

  45. Viva Outlandish haber si venis a barcelona

  46. Isam has one of the best singing voices I’ve ever heard.Allah has really blessed him,and he uses his talent for good things…so that’s awesome =) My fav songs by Outlandish are Look into My eyes,Callin U,Just me,and Words stuck to the heart.Reggada is bangin,too.
    Ok…also,I think you outlandish fans (i particularly speakin to the sisters) need to chill and stop actin all hype and flirty.Isam is a handsome brother and he has a great voice,alhamdulliah,but that is no excuse for some of the sisters’ behavior =( Okay,I don’t mean to sound all sour and all,but I’m just sayin.I mean,he’s a person,just like all of us.And most singers don’t like those fans who just go too far…

  47. i love ur music u r awesome and has the best voice eva

  48. u guys got problems and trust me they r big ones

  49. OMG!!! Wallah Isam Is Such a beautifal man! His wife is soo damn lucky. he is soo fuckin sexy!! May Allah grant their wishes

    N i Hope them the best!!

  50. I hope Isam Emails me or somethin wallah that will be a dream come true!

  51. what the hell? ‘he is soo fuckin sexy!!’ a3uthubillah
    show some littttttle respect ok sis. ye iwthen Allahi 7sen 3awen

    peace to the middle east

  52. ManshaAllah for his consideration of the problem in the Middle Eats…i mean who doesnt care about that..dubhaAllah…Peopel get killed evry mintue..n Chridtians wont stop until every muslim in this plante is whipped off….Fist is Iraq, then Iran then Afhanistan n now Platestine…it is the ONLY country that Alllahs name is called 24/7…..N singing “Nasheeds£ wont help espiaclly when it has Drumps….n musicall background..i mean havnt ya heard Hadith?….SubhanAllah Our Beloved prophet Mohamed (sAW) said that ” YOU can praise Allah me and Praise me. ur religion…but do it in a accaotble and mannerful way,,,”..this suggets that a nasheeds is no longer a nasheedsd when a musical background is putted in…den now..surely der is no difference between the Music-music like RnB..n Hip pop or pop n a nashees with musical background..

    Inshaallah i hope daah Outlandish will understand…n other nasheed singers…

    A good example will be Ahmed Buthatir..he sings it with his PUre heart n not with backgrounds…..

  53. Sowey for da typos ppl…lool..i was ina hurry..

  54. isaam i think your voice is very beautiful mashallah and i adore your band outlandish you are one of the best and you are a very handsome morrocan man!

  55. Ey asc our isam is now married rumours says,,,n may Allah make it a great realtionshp and mske it last…she is very lucky msnsshAllah….she better treat him well, otherwise…uhmnn.she aint worth..sooo many garls around da world want him..n if she plays on him..den…may Allah help out NOW,.loool..b4.hahahah its 2 late..loool..god…

  56. Isam an ispiration to everyone, mashallah. Love the lyrics in every outlandish song. What more is there to say.
    Mch respect!


  57. سْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِارَّحِيم

  58. iiisam ❤

  59. ah bi Türkiye’ye gelsen…:) dünyalar benim olur

  60. isam u got a banging voice mashallah..u rep MOROCCO braaap!!!
    may allah grant u and ur wife happiness inshallah..wonder if shez moroccan hmmmm???..ashame u aint from larache i would be able 2 see u every summer 😛 loool..basalma.x

  61. …does isam read all this?


  63. this is StupId..wat is da point of writting all niiice dings bout diz guy n at the and of the day….he got a wife…n she is da only one he is listening 2 not bunch of garls who is addicted 2 em..da is actually scary for em…

  64. so y did u cum and see his picz and leave a comment u fool.kmt.

  65. omg one thing I really hate is that everybody finds him just hot ‘n stuff while u should love him 4 his music okay??? But actually he is also beautifull but on a pure way…..

  66. And I wish him very much luck with his marriage!!!!


  67. yeah i think people like his music and voice but becoz hez good lookin that putz more attention on his looks mashallah..people can say what ever they want i dont think he looks at these comments anywaz so its point less telling people to not to say hez “hot” their just telling the truth.

  68. isam please come to australia sydney for concert we love all of yous

  69. hazeleyed-moroccan …ur such a ******.b***** get a lyfe n geta man..coz u need 2 stop wrtiing bout men da dont evn noe who da f*** u r…

  70. I know it’s too late but I still want to say Congratulations!!! on your marriage Isam. May bless you with amazing children as you. My Du’as are with you and whenever you need us your fans are here for you!!! and please come to Edmonton, Alberta Canada in 2009, 2010 or 2011, because you have a lot of fans in Canada too!!!

    Your fans love you, since you’re an insipisration to all of us.

    Love U Outlandish!!!!

  71. layla u need 2 allow da hype and calm down wotz with all da swearing bruv u must feel like an clown and 4 u 2 tell me 2 get a life u get 1 first u confussed child and stop coming on dis site if u just want to hype and chat shit kmmmmmt..

  72. unfortunately I have not heard Isams music, but im replying to Warsans comments which came up in a search for a song by Rogue Wave “Chridtians wont stop until every muslim in this plante is whipped off…” I must refute, yes there are people who persecute muslims and some horrible atrocities are being committed but as a christian firmly opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistam I can promise you that christians aren’t seeking to have anyone wiped of the earth, and I’m sure muslims dont all want to wipe us off either, much love

  73. das what i am saying ….christians and Jews want every muslim to die and no1 should hear about muslims any more..but we are Alah’s soldiers..for example palestine..all the jews r killing children, mothers fathers, wife, husband, brother, sister, granny, uncle..etc…every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!….its crutial…my Allah take them to jannah Ameen

  74. ben yeni keşfettim bu sesi.Ne desem bilmiyorum hayran kaldım.Youtube’daki tüm klipleri seyrettim “Ayşe” çok güzeldi.ümmetin dertleriyle dertlenen böyle samimi gençlerin olması bizleri çok sevindiriyor.Şarkılarınızda islami motiflerin artmasını temenni ediyorum. Filistini bu şarkılarla daha çok seviyorum.Biz sizi türkiyeye yeniden bekliyoruz.Allahın selamı üzerine olsun sayın İsam Bachiri.Valla sayılarımızın gittikçe arttığı şu dünyada sizlerin eserleriyle diyalog kuruyoruz başka ülkelerle.Ayrıca muhalif tavrıyla tanıdığım Keny Arkana ile düet yapabilirsin.İslam insanı aziz eder şerefli kılar.islam’ın o tertemiz yolundan ayrılmamanı ve din kardeşlerinin çektiği acları unutmamanı diliyorum.Esselamualeykum…

  75. what?

  76. Gerçekten harikasınız!Maşallah

  77. best of luck ya akhi,god bless you
    although it’s late but congrats on your marriage,all happiness for u and sister.^_^

  78. why did you not marry me ??!! GOD!!lol GOD bless you i hope you the best in your marriage and life weld bladi peace on you man!! dima morocco!!!!!

  79. Isam bachiri is mii life. I think about him every daa becuz he is just very special to mii. The song breathless i would dedicate to him except that wil happen in heaven. I love him very much. He is mii #1 hero in life. In the next life he is mine.

  80. i think Islam is bsaloutley fantastic and has a great voice mashallah…he deserves what hes got today because he worked hard for it…x x x

  81. i love him so much!!!
    He is married but i still love him…
    i think i am late.:( maalesef 😦


    And i am waiting you!! (in Turkey.)

  82. and ım love so much…
    Isam ıs lokumm…
    love you because you perfect….(Kosovo)

  83. Isam eres el mejor nuca os habia escuchado pero cuando os escuché me quedé flipando bueno tienes una voz fantastica, y tansmites mucho al mundo espero que la gente os valore mucho por el tabajo que estais haciendo. Cantas genial y tu voz es maravillosa, espero que leas este comentario, supongo que sabes castellano ya que tienes una amigo de hunduras.
    Ah felicitaciones por la boda y que seas muy feliz.
    Mabrouk 3lik. Nora BCN.

  84. salamo 3alaykoum
    franchment g pas compris ce ke a écri Issam mais jveu seulemen dire ke masdha’Allah je l’admir vraiment je te consril de continuer comme sa insha’Allah Allahi jib li fiha khayr!masha’Allah!!!si je pouvai avoir son adresse et pouvoir parler avec!!!alala!!lol


  85. Isam u r soo gurjuz!!…n wonda grlz cnt get thier eyes of uu!!
    se ya. xxx

  86. mashAllah..congrate 4 ur baitul muslim…
    hope ur baitul muslim will never end..hatta ilal jannah..

  87. isam u gota wkid voice man n whens uals new album cumin out?

  88. Isam i hope u c dis. Soz bro but now dat ur married itz gona b imposible 2 find sum1. Luv ur voice. Itz amazin. Plz carry on makin songs ma ipod got ur songs and now i need more! Luv ya loadz. Ya sista who has 2 find anova mista! Lolz. Oh and plz cum bak 2 london! Im gona b at ur next concert!

  89. Please be mine in the after life !! 😥

  90. :((
    :(( I LOVE U

  91. algeria loves ya issam


  93. beautiful muslim

  94. I follow your blog for quite a long time and must tell that your articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  95. j’aimerai bien que vous tourner des canser en algerie big kisss boussssa

  96. Hope you Keep doing best songs
    love you all

  97. assalamoailaykom broathers isam really yur groups machaalah is beautiful i’m zineb from morocco i love yu outlandish so much yu to isam jazakom allaho khairain

  98. vive isam et vive les musulmans

  99. avourai’je que je suffoque moiméme en ecoutan les paroles déchirant de leurs chansons bonne continuations algeria loves you

  100. assalamoailaykom tu est d’ou babian d’algeria? vous etes fille ou garçon

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  102. assalamoalaykom
    sorry I have no idea butifull site or even the subject
    i’m in morocco ok thaink yu

  103. assalam aleikum i came to know bro isam from a popular song aisha but mashaaallah he is an inspiration especially for wat he is doing in the light of islam iam in the usa and hope we get another Isam her inshaallah

  104. is there a possibility to directly contact with islam bachiri or bro sami yususf

  105. assalam aleikum
    inchaalah in his summeroutlandish come to morocco
    i’m very happy really,back to this
    you’ll find many information on outlandish
    thaink yu and jazaka allaho khayrain

    and a hearty congrats on your marriage (which i know was a long time ago but still…) and your future child. (if he or she hasnt already entered this world. im sorry) mashAllah, you have come very far in your career and may Allah bless you for all that you have done. also, may Allah bless you with a very happy happy birthday with many more to come, inshAllah.
    i love you isam bachiri. i listen to you everyday. you leave me breathless!
    happy birthday!

  107. Assalamo aleiykom
    Happy birthday brother’s ISAM really we very happy for u her in Morocco ,and we wait your coming in Morocco inshaalah
    we love u isam ,we proud u so much.
    My allah bless u and ur familly.
    and happy birthay another time!!!

  108. aslamo 3alycom warahmato lahi wabarakatoh i’m moroccan men realy is a big surpris to have an raporr like issam realy i thank this sit to give information of issam”outlandish” i’m send this msg in the ferst at issam and vagas and lenny”outlandish and u thanks

  109. hi
    i want to say at issam “khosossan”and outlandish after realy hir in morocco isay to u we all love u and outlandish.

  110. assalamo aleiykom!!
    Me to i’m very happy ,because there are Moroccans love ISAM or Outlandish in géneral,but is this your first in this site??
    Any way thaink u and jazaka Allaho khayrain for ur comment

  111. first time I went to”concert” to listen to Outlandish, was in Bellahøj Kræmmermarked..last week.. I felt so good afterwards..Wow, so professionel…I almost “fly” on the way home…It`s not last time I go to Outlandish concert….Qujanaq!!

  112. You’re right “Lone “all the people who listened Outlandish love them, and I am one of the most admired from the first time, and that was with the artist and star Sami yusuf ..!!
    Really Outlandish is top stars !!!

  113. But what does it mean Qujanaq… !!??????

  114. peace
    i want to infrom any who to listen at a new albom of outlandish its names”sound of rebel” new 2009
    realy is a best albom in the world……. yes.

  115. Oh yes yes MOhammed!!!
    This a long time ago !!??

  116. peace
    thanks zineb i know but other personne he does not know!!!

  117. Assalamo ALeiykom
    Yes ok u’re right Mohammed !!
    Jazaka Allaho khayrain

  118. issam te espero en madrid se que cuando estuviste en españa te gusto mucho…………


  120. asalam alikom isam haw are u ilove u ilike all your songs u are the best take care ok

  121. iloooooooooooove uuuuuuuuuuuuu

  122. çok tatlıyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  123. I would like to query a lyric in one of your songs? “In the name of the Father
    The Son and the Holy Spirit
    Amen” I’m sorry but aren’t you a muslim? Because in Islam there is no trinity, There is only ONE god, and I don’t understand how you can add this to your lyrics? Maybe I have misunderstood, please do clarify because I by no means in tend to judge just merely seek clarification.

  124. والله انو كل كلامكم مبالغ فيه اكثر من اللازم عن هزا الشخص ,هل تكلمتم عن الرسول عليه الصلاة والسلام مثل ما تكلمتم عن هزا الشخص؟انا لا اعتقد ,واضح ان اكثر البنات يسألون ازا كان متزوج او لا ويحبونه ويمدحون به لدرجة مبالغ فيها جدا ,بس عندي سؤال لمازا مهووسين به لهزه الدرجة ؟مازا قدم لكم او لغيركم؟مازا استفدتم منه؟مازا استفاد المجتمع منه؟مسخرة

  125. velvet voice

  126. Re:Fatima-Lenny in the group is Roman Catholic, and he believes in the trinity, so it was obviiously in reference to him.
    I think its awesome that even tho they’re of different faiths, they make such beautiful music and seem like best friends, may Allah (swt) Bless them all.

  127. he is a good singer you know that song aicha i love it but it was shocking knowing that it was made in 2003 who cares.i like to say hi to them!!!!!!!!! u are 100% good Luv and my Allah bless

    • hey guys how you doin just wanted to say good luck this year to isam waqas len oh yeah funny thing i have a b-day on may 26 you guys gonna do a concert on my b day but i don’t live in Denmark it would be funny if you come Minnesota well good luck with all that tour and also get a break like ones in a while with your families that goes for all of you and see ya have fun ………

  128. Cok tatli ya masallah… Allahim seni korusun, banada senin gibi birini nasib etsin insallah

  129. hey !! Isam Im shaimae from morocco exactly from taroudant !! I luuuuuuuuuuuuv u so much and I like ur voice ! 🙂 you’re the best

  130. u ladies, muslim or not are a bunch of fools! Go and get yourselves a decent mulsim man of your own who will take you to the jannah and stop acting like the people from the naar with your lust for the man who don’t belong to you.Leave the man and his family alone and make dua for them with sincerity!

  131. I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world Isam!

  132. Hey,
    Is there any way I can approach Outlandish Band? I am trying to put together a charity concert to support the relief supplies to Flood Victims’ in Pakistan. I see that the band has been very popular to Muslims in particular and world youth in general.
    I strongly believe that it will save alot of lives.

    A life lived for others is worth living.


  133. I hope if you came in Romania …to came to my house , to my table…your are my special invite…be happy wherever you are ..

  134. isam is sooooooooooocute

  135. Isam B., jeg har lige læst din artikel om fremmedarbejdere, generelt, i Metroxpress. Jeg bruger aldrig selv dette udtryk, fordi jeg synes det virker racistisk og jeg er ikke racist.
    Men jeg må indrømme, du bør nok tage et danskkursus, da du har lavet en stavefejl, allerede i overskriften, idet du skrev: Fremmedarbejder samarbejder. Da du beskriver flere personer, så hedder det FREMMEDARBEJDERE! Ellers mener du kun éen person.

    Du har genindspillet nummeret: “I Danmark er jeg født”, men med accent. Du burde nok lære rent dansk, inden du fortæller omverden af i DANMARK, har du hjemme. Så er det forøvrigt dobbelttydigt, at du vælger at gifte dig med en MUSLIM, istedet for en sød dansk, kvinde og forøvrigt kalder nogle mennesker fra et arabisk land, for brødre og søstre!

    Et danskkursus, ville nok hjælpe dig enormt meget!

    Men jeg tror også at Gud har givet dig din meget smukke stemme!

    Sig mig, er du dansker ELLER marokkaner og muslim???

    Taget fra anden side på nettet:
    Hjemstavn handler ikke kun om tilknytning til lokalområder. Men også om fædrelandsfølelser forstået som identitet knyttet til nationalitet. Og deraf følgende etnicitet.

    Venlig hilsen,
    Rebecca Toft.

  136. I love isam so much and outlandish go on

  137. Dear brother Isam, im aysha and I’m 14. I live in new jersey usa. I just wanted to let u kno that ur music really inspires me. Ur voice is very unique and beautiful. Ur wife is a lucky woman….she found a man that stays tru to his religion, is handsome, and talented. Inshallah I’ll get that lucky someday.
    p.s. OUTLANDISH… u guys like brothers!:)

  138. Mashallah Brother Isam’s voice is beautiful!!!!!!

  139. hope u cn perform at the international islamic university malaysia.and to spread the beauty of your music …the lyrics itself brings somewhat great meaning…i mean we are generation that pretty much interest to do research on certain global event if we got the approach based on the is one of them

  140. ISAM…this name is so close to my heart.i’m 17,and i luv a man who’s 35years old.his name is Isam.and it’s obviously that he doesn’t even know…i don’t know he reads this message or no,i wanna say:Isam, u da best damn cute man ever.ur voice is really awesome.i sink within ur eyes,u’re perfect creature.u’re married,u have a family.and i promised myself that i’ll find a boy just lyk u and fall in luv…

  141. i fell in love with him has he get married?

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  144. Ok i’m srry i know ur married… But i garra say that ur really and truely cute .. And handsome and beatiful .. U have these eyes that takes me away ur pics are all over my phone…<3 I'm always askin allah 2 marry a guy that<3 looks just like you .. Uuumm do know arabic ??

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