Outlandish own definition of Isam

 Vocalist, Rapper,producer If Outlandish was a body then Isam would certainly be the brain. He writes the majority of the hooks and always comes up with good topics for our songs. Creatively he has always had the overview of where Outlandish was and is headed. He has had a big hand in the videos that we do. The ideas and the scripts come from him, his best has definately been Walou where he came up with the whole idea and also went to Marroco to follow the shootings. Isam has always been concerned of what happens around the world and doesn’t feel afraid to speak his mind.


14 Responses to “Info”

  1. luv this info…

  2. he da best down 2 earth guy i av eva met

  3. He has an amazing voice! MahsAllah…Is he married… lol.. just kidding, no but seriously, IS HE??

  4. im not a lousy fan im a supporter go isam go…lol im just 16 but still i’l make a potential wife

  5. hey luv isam hes so kool…btw..wat duz walou mean?

  6. Outlandish THE BEST ! FULL RESPECT BOYS.I love you so much

  7. DUDE U ROCK……

  8. i really like the song CALLIN’U, he is beautiful in, i’m morocco too and live in france, will you come in france some day ??????? i would like to meet you not like a crazy fan or something like that. LOL
    My name is Ouafaa and i’m 24. Read you

  9. i forgot happy new year for all the muslim, it was yesterday (10 janvier 2008 – 1429)
    Allah bless you all inchallah

  10. sydsoon no one cares wut u think so stop writin this crap ….LOL. no seriously.

    anyways dudes u rock

  11. Respect plzzz…

  12. SO cute mashallah! may Allah(swt) bless you my brother!
    peace, you sister-in-islam

  13. mashallah Isam has a great voice, he makes me crazy with his voice
    Isam Allah bless you and all muslims 🙂

  14. Explains the truth bout him Love U ISAM

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