Lenny Martinez


Lenny Martinez is 30 years old and born in Honduras, but has been living in Denmark from he was 14 years old. Originally he comes from Cuba and if you listen when he talks, you can hear a touch of Cuban-accent – which can be very charming, but also a bit difficult to understand even for Isam and Waqas sometimes! He is mathematically student from the Avedøre grammar school, and graduated as mathematical student. He studied cand.negot together with Isam at the Odense University, didn’t finished it either but maybe has plans about going back in the future. 

Lenny only rap in Spanish, because he thinks that’s what his best at, and are then letting Waqas and Isam do the English part. That is probably also a good idea, because Lenny can’t pronounce the difference in Beach and Bitch when he’s singing, according to Isam and Waqas it would sound a bit weird, then sentences such as – Let’s go the Bitch….? Would appear on their album.  

Lenny was actually the one, who found the name Outlandish. Originally their group was called YGB, (Young, Gifted and Brown), because it was very popular with shortenings in hip-hop at that time.  But the guys didn’t felt it described them very good or was very catchy, so one day they were discussing a possible name while they were hanging out at Lenny’s house. He was just flicking through the pages in a Danish dictionary, and by accident or luck, his eyes stuck at the word Outlandish. Meaning something different, peculiar, strange, foreign and exotic – The name immediately became a reality.  Lenny is the practical guy in the group, usually describing himself as “The Body “of the group.

He carries a natural sense of order and logic; therefore he’s the one who does all the practical stuff, organising and putting things together.   In his spare time Lenny play’s football as a forwarder in the club named “Grønne Stjerne” (Green Star), and should be quite good at it according to his team-mates. Lenny just recently got married to his girlfriend Jamilla in a catholic church in Denmark and went to Miami celebration their honeymoon.  

60 Responses to “Lenny Martinez”

  1. Awww mennn i like your ‘masum’ face!! Ask waqas what it means 😀
    anyway i wish you all, all the best! And you will succeed in the future inshallah :)!

  2. Lenny i love ur spanish rap!!!!!

  3. From what I have read and seen of Lenny he coems across as a very tamed and humble person, I think they all actually come across like that and I appreciate it. It shows you dont have to show off to impress people!! Respect to you Lenny, Waqas and Isam too. I saw you at Scala in London last night,I was blown away you were all amazing. Keep it up and come back to London very soon and hope all goes well in future, InshAllah.

  4. I saw him aswell at scala and couldnt belive he didnt talk to the crowd, isam was being so cheeky when lanny would rap and isam would go right up to his face and make this really weird face like”what you saying” it was so cute, these bitches were infront of me so i couldake a picture at all. i cursed those girls infront of me and will never forget the way they behaved, 2 of them even had hijab on and were dancin like the hijab didnt mean anythin 2 em-just a peice of cloth. curses on thoses girls and nothing but.

  5. Hello from beatifull greece!!!!!! i love “callin’u”. it is the song that will make me to discover your music!!! hope to listen from you soon…xxxxxxxx

  6. I CNT LIVE WIDOUT OUTLANDISH! I Have to listen to atleast five of their songz to help me get through the day. Thankz x-x-x


  8. I love all of Outlandish,but I would have to say Lenny is my fav
    He’s like the calm,sweet,down to earth bro
    I always look forward to Lenny’s spanish rappin in Outlandish’s songs.They are my fav part alot of the time.
    His spanish rappin is sorta like an inspiration to me,since I’m Latina and hearin his rappin makes me feel really connected to my culture…
    Lmao the beach-bitch thingy is real funny..HEHEHEHHEA =D

  9. im in luv wiv ur song “look in2 my eyes”and”aicha”!!! lol im constantly listenin 2 it lol call me mad but i think the song look in2 my eyes has a very strong meaning.:) =)

    i wish u da best of luck wiv ur career




  10. r u muslim lenny?


  11. Damo, és um broto de curto de milhoes, essa teu ponge me fecha, axo que trapas muito. Resumindo e concluindo es muito bala.

  12. i luv outlandish and lenny is my fav singer coz he looks so humble.. i was suprised that he is the eldest among them 🙂
    anyway u look so Charm..
    i wonder when u will embrace ISLAM just like bro Isam n bro Waqas..
    may God give u the best guidance
    after all we are all unity despite our skin colour 🙂
    luv ya Outlandish

  13. No he is hot muslim 😦

  14. *not (srry)

  15. saludos para ti de un conocido socio del barrio que ya no vive en alamar sino unas 90 millas mas al norte, bueno para que sepas quien soy te dire qu ehicemos un viaje juntos por toda cuba, motivo de inspiracion para la cancion guantanamo

    man me alegra qu ete vaya bien, saludos a tu hermano carlos a normita que ya no es tan pequeña a Tu mama Toña como le decimos los del edificio cariñozamente y por su puesto a Mario, salud y suerte para todos y dios te siga bendiciendo men

    p.d. -ya me hice piloto

  16. yo lenny is really ugly
    its not even funny

  17. lenny rocks man

  18. ¡Gracias por ser un orgullo para Honduras en el mundo!

  19. I really like this part, It’s so funny and really Cute “Lenny only rap in Spanish, because he thinks that’s what his best at, and are then letting Waqas and Isam do the English part. That is probably also a good idea, because Lenny can’t pronounce the difference in Beach and Bitch when he’s singing, according to Isam and Waqas it would sound a bit weird, then sentences such as – Let’s go the Bitch….? Would appear on their album.” Lenny so cute and funny, i heard him in an interview He talks Kute and I really Like it!!!!!!!1

  20. Lenny got married!! O that broke my heart ='(.. LOL J/K =^P he’s so sweet
    All the best for him, and the guys!

    Outlandish Rule!!

    peace out

  21. Lenny ur awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love ya May Allah guide u 2 Islam…Peace….

  22. lenny got a sister named norma. she visit my school and she came to my class to talk about how to be a journalists. i didnt know that lenny was her big brother. when i found out i really freaked out. and told her to say hi from me lol
    and his sis look so much like him

  23. Dat dirty bastard come to be a muslim u dick fukin dont no y da otha 2 hanging around wiv him wen it comes 2 islamic songs he culd prpley takin da piss da dirt catholic fukin dmt no y u slags luv him he is really gay he really fuked a boy in cuba when he was 13 dats y he moved 2 denmark dnt belive da otha rubbish

  24. wasup wva swearin man! i think they are cul

  25. I’m muslem man
    the islam is avery good

    i love isam and leeny and weqas

  26. Really I loved all those guys even if lenny isn’t Muslim but i like his singing
    But frankly I pray for god to make lenny convert to Islam


  28. hej lenny
    en hilsen fra michael fra valby medborgehus ja det er koken
    tak for en god tid og god musik
    take care hilsen michael

  29. hey lenny………love u and ur group.i’ve written down a couple of songs myself and would lov 2 hear u guys sing it.i tried 2 look for ur residential address……..but couldn’t find any.
    u can contact me at tasfirdose90@gmail.com

  30. Lenny is amazing 🙂
    People need to stop hating, and stop asking him when he’s going to convert. That’s not the whole point of the group. Let him live his life, and worry about yours.
    Don’t hate, ’cause he’s friggin’ awesome!

  31. I knew “The Outlandish” when I heard to Sami Yusuf song titled “Try Not To Cry”, then I found out that The Outlandish preety much sang type of songs I like which it was have a taste of Islam 🙂
    Their music was accompany me through the days, it’s make me remembering Allah S.W.T. more..Alhamdulillah.
    I’m so shocked and dissapointed when knew that Lenny wasn’t a muslim.
    But I have a big hope that He will convert to Islam. InsyaAllah. Amin Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.


  32. thx for outlandish tof supeer 🙂 +212677334041

  33. love your spanish rap! mashallah your group is doing great and i hope you guys keep sending out some kind of message to us people 🙂
    btw. Have you ever thought about converting to islam?
    What do you do when waqar nd islam does some religious songs/nasheeds?

  34. Assalam o alaikom ,im elyas from afghanistan nice to meet u all brothers n sisters,i like this group nice singer,allah save u,… People remembr we r at 1st human .Respct other,allah hafiz all

  35. AAAAAAAAAA lenny uy soo awesomee!! my cousin is soo in love with you xD!!and i am too!! hehehe keep rapping <3!

    wizo from Oman x)

  36. jeni shuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm te mir tung nga besa kosova:D:D:D

  37. Outlandish jeni me te mir ne bott tuna nga besa nga kosova :D:D:D kiss isam & weqas & lenny

  38. I love lenny’s part in all of outlandish songs. I try to sing with him but it impossible!! He is so quick 🙂
    Outlandish is my favorite band ever!!! Who wants Justin bieber now??

  39. Estimado Señor Lenny Martínez.

    Por favor,usted debes tomar el mensaje mío en serio, porque yo realmente quería tener contacto con el Padre de Isam Bachiri(es un gran amigo/paysano mío), acabo de telefonearle para pedirle si es posible una reunión con Isam ok. Es muy importante para hablarle de mi hijo el cual le conoce mucho.

    Por favor-le-Ruego hacerme Este Decir para que ISAM Bachiri responderme vía este Correo Electrónico Sr. Martínez estamos da cuerdo? muchas gracia y buen corage en su trabajo etc…
    Tengo un esperanza que Isam me responde…

    Recibe mis afectuosos saludos

    Muchas saludos par Isam y Waqqas


    PS: mi hombre es otro, con razon de no decirle pero cuando ISAM me contestara le voy decirle mi propio nombre ok…

  40. I just wanna say Outlandish are AWESOME literally … 🙂
    My fave song is …. Look into my eyes…

    im also catholic and i think you are great 😀
    Keep it up.

  42. I’m Muslim and I love all the three of them Issam Waqas and Lenny my favorite one . I always ask of god to guide them and protect them and the most important to open Lenny’s heart towards Islam so he will become a Muslim it’s really my wish. Islam isn’t bad if you want to know about it just ask about an do some research. the guy who just put nothingness in his comment about Lenny I have to say what ever he did when he becomes Muslim every single sin will be removed from his past and he will just gonna be like a white page with no sins at all . and I ask Allah to guide Muslims to be righteous and non Muslims to Islam. some will disagree with me but that’s it there will come a day when all people will be Muslims I’m sure of it cause it’s what prophet Mohammad told us about. wish you a nice day . take care…..

    • will allah also guide non-muslims to terrorism? If you do your research, you will get to know your allah is a pagan moon god, that’s why islam’s symbol is a moon. and that your prophet is not a good man.

  43. to ol d fukers hu hate other religion… Go to helll

  44. i think outlandish is the perfect name! i love that u guys are a mix of the different cultures!
    i rele do look up to u all… lenny waqas and isam your accents are very charming(especially lenny) and ur rapping is sick u guys! RESPECT FOR ALL… PEACE AND BLESSINGS- aysha<3

  45. i think outlandish is the perfect name! i love that u guys are a mix of the different cultures!
    i rele do look up to u all… lenny waqas and isam your accents are very charming(especially lenny) and ur rapping is sick u guys! RESPECT FOR ALL… PEACE AND BLESSINGS- aysha<3 come to jersey!

  46. I think all the “Muslim” people should stop commenting about Lenny converting. This is what the world needs all ethnicity’s and religions getting along and respecting one another. As a cathoilic myself I don’t it would be nice to say that “may jesus guide these men to christianity because jesus is the truth the light and the way” I think you wouldn’t like it. So pls STOP making your immature comments!

  47. You my Brother have the best looking smile out of all the humans ive seen! And it was nice meetin u in dubai and i even shoomed hands with youuh!!! unforgettable moment!! Ur Awesome

  48. recientemente me entere que Lenny es de Honduras pero veo que el no hace mencion de eso!! entiendo que ha vivido en cuba pero su origen es Hondureño lo cual me hace muy orgullosa!! ojala puede tomar en cuenta sus raices!!!

  49. I LVE LVE LVE OUTLANDISH IVE BEEM TO THEIR CONCERT IN 2010 IN LONDON!!!!! but i cant really remember it now it waz ages ago :(…. and also may Allah gve u the best guidence into Islam….InshAllah 🙂

  50. Bueno me puedes decir de donde eres, de Honduras o de Cuba.Porque en realidad no me llevo el mensaje, no me queda claro a donde tu perteneses

  51. I don’t know why the muslims would want non-muslims to convert to islam. do they want non-muslims to become terrorists like them too and kill non-muslims later in life too?

  52. i call on all the Muslims to stop wishing non-Muslims convert to islam. Muslims should be better praying for the safety of non-Muslims in Egypt, Algeria, middle east, Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia who are raped, tortured, kidnapped and persecuted to convert to islam. many Christians are sold as sex slaves by Muslims, their church closed down by angry imams, mullahs. is the muslims did nothing about it, they they should not be angry about the Buddhists killing the muslims in Burma. They are just giving muslims the taste of their own medicines.

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