8 Responses to “Fotos”

  1. cute

  2. really nice and i like your voice very very much..

  3. love lennny yooooooooooo

  4. assalamo alaykom
    i am rwabi from jordan and this is the first visit to your website
    realy i dont hear alot about you but i like my brother sami yusuf and also lestening to his song thats allow me to know about you but really both of you working hard and give avery interesting songs may allah accept from all of you and my suplicate to continoue with success
    your new sister,
    rwabi zaidan

  5. As salamun alaikom
    Loss for Lenny, really…? 😦 Allah send hem! 😦


  7. how can a man sooo sweet like him?
    Youre very cute brother;)! I really don’t find words that can describe u _ youre simply inimitable..

    de la nada sale el todo, y el todo es hace nada
    love this sentence from u.moreover wanted just to say I’ll learn spanish next year, as a 3rd foreign language.I assuredly will have enjoy the spanish lessons 😉

    i ultimately say

    take care yall 😉

  8. i just wante to eke, i Love your voice relaxing me absolutely


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