The most important thing about Outlandish and their music are the lyrics. Isam, Lenny and Waqas have written all the lyrics by themselves on all the 3 albums they have done. Expect Look into My Eyes (originally an poem done by an Palestinian Teenage-girl), Man binder os på mund og Hånd (Old Danish liberty poem written by famous Danish writer and designer Poul Henningsen during World War 2) and I Only Ask of God (A request to end the wars and their following suffering by argentine singer Leon Gieco) In the hard and long process for putting right words together, make up meaningful sentences, describing and dealing with personal and political lyrics, Outlandish are known of being the best songwriters in Denmark at the moment. They have a special way and touch of describing everyday life among common people, suffering people and people without influence or voices. They put small and big things into perspective, and are never afraid of telling their opinions about integration, welfare, the existing conflicts, belief, arranged marriages, the gap between cultures and so on. All of their songs carry one or several messages with them. From Guantanamo which is about enjoying life and a tribute to the Cuban culture, happiness and guitar playing to Aicha, a contribute and compliment to the strong women and girls in the world, to Kom Igen which is about breaking your ego, treat people like you want them to treat you and to A Donkey Named Cheetah, a catching telling about the gap between 1st and 2end generation. Not to forget Nothing Left to Do, telling about a young man getting Aids and his life changes afterwards, Beyond Words a catchy exploring in all 3 guys life and biggest moments of their lives. If Only and Words Stuck to the Heart, both songs about failure, letting down your family and friends and broken promises.

The exploring and discovering in the musically and lyrically unique universe of Outlandish, have inspired many young people to do better or act another way. To do some soul searching, find out who they really are and what they represent, how to treat and look at other people, be more open minded and especially something to listen to through hard and painful times. If you ask people what their favourite Outlandish song is, none seem to be able to answer. “I don’t know, there’s so many “ “ Well I like … but if I’m in a sad move then… or if I’m nervous I put on … “ And so on. Fact is that there’s an Outlandish song for every feeling one might carry in their heart. Happy or sad – crying or glad. That’s what make Outlandish a special band, a popular band and a phenomenal band in writing lyrics.

6 Responses to “Lyrics”


  2. salam
    does neone kno who tht guy is who speaks at the end of Nothing Left To Do?

  3. shut up mai

  4. I love the music. The lyrics are deep. Makes you think about the problems we got in and around our generation.
    Can;t wait to hear more from the group.

  5. i love all the music,i love music “try not to cry” song by “Outlandish” and Sami Yusuf.
    This music is very painful for all children of the world. Pray to God that we have rights as all children of the world.

    God bless you.
    Thank you from Albania

  6. Burhan G, now a solo artist, previously part of Outlandish, has swear words in his songs? And I don’t think all tracks are that deep or positive =/ =S

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