Burhan G

Burhan G

Being the permanently backing and vocalist singer for Outlandish in many years, Burhan Genk Coch is a matter of course when you mention Outlandish. Burhan lived in Brøndby Strand as well, but being a bit younger he had to fight his way into the group. He hung around Outlandish and followed them around everywhere they went. They were sort of his role models and the big boys who knew what they were doing, so like a little brother he looked up to them, imitated their doings and experimented with human beat boxing, break dancing and beats himself. When they couldn’t get rid of him, they decided to let him join instead. So the little irritating Choir-boy suddenly became one of the rough boys in the hood.

Burhan G toured with them for several years until he started working on his own album named Burhan G, with hit tracks such as “Take Me Home”, ” Burhan G” and “Playground”. He’s currently in the studio working on his second album.



10 Responses to “Burhan G”

  1. Hmm.. He is so beautyful, but :S

  2. woooooooooooooooooooow
    hes mega bhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum =D

  3. wow burhan is very hot man . I like him

  4. He is soooo cooooooolll!!!

  5. URGH…is it da point of seeing ur pantz???..dress like ma 2 year old bro…lool..NASTY

  6. Isn’t Outlandish a group that makes music about religion? Why did Burhan G make a complete other kind of music if he was once a singer in Outlandish?

  7. I love Burhan G……he is verry beautiful and glamorou.
    He have unlikely sonorous voice. {}{}{}{P}{}{}{}

  8. Fantastic music especially the song kun dig..


  9. His song ‘Playground’ reached as far as Brookyn, New York. I want to know more about this incredible singer. Big up Burhan

  10. Burhan is now official a khaffir. He is dating a white woman 10 years older than him, and they are about to get married and his children will became khaffir also..

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