They’re the new guys in town. Gypsies is a new formed Danish reggae-funk-soul-hiphop band at the music scene. Consisting of the 6 guys named Birk, Ronco, Lasse, Shaka, Andreas and Peter they rap, play and sing with a whole new wild style. They’re crazy, extremely active and filled with fun and expressions at the stage. Being the backing band for Outlandish, they bring a third dimension to the songs, much heavier sound, bass and a striking power that hits you right in the face and your dancing legs. Believe me when I say that Gypsies plays Aicha so your ears gets blown off and your hips and feet’s think they’re on Jamaica.  

One of the most beautiful things I ever heard was when Gypsies and Outland was doing a gig in CPH, playing Aicha, low down the lightening, turning on lighters, and let Aicha silently fade into No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley. That song still stands strong in my mind today.  Outlandish came in contact with Gypsies while they were warming up for Fugees in
Copenhagen last year. Outland themselves were among the crowd and immediately saw the fantastic raw energy and expression Gypsies brought with them at stage. One day later they talked with their management and requested Gypsies to play for them during their summer tour in Denmark 2005.

3 Responses to “Gypsies”

  1. these guys were absolute great!!i saw them last year and they were full of energy and they had really good vibes too!1

  2. yea i saw them in camden with outlandish n theyre really good

  3. urgh…

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