Jesta is one of the best and biggest producers and songwriters Denmarks has ever “produced” so to speak. Back in the days when Outlandish were trying to hook up with producers and label records, they got turned down many time simply because they were ahead of their time. Jesta was one of the few guys who could feel their ideas and saw some potential in them. He felt their new thinking inside the hip-hop genre and therefore they hooked up and he was one of the clever minds behinds the Outlands’ Offical sound and beats.

Today he is a world-known producer and has collaborated with people and stars like Coolio, Toy Box, Cas, Mukupa and many more. Jesta also produces the two first singles in Denmark for Outlandish ever. Pacific to Pacific from 1997, were the boys maked the song for a charity and enlighten project about poverty. And the more funky sound and happiness in the movie soundtrack for Pizza King named Saterday Night.


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