Fat Ass Maroc from Nador in Morocco, same place as the Bachiri-family has it roots. Majid grew up in Brøndby Strand together with the guys, and they played basket ball and football together when they weren’t working on their music dreams or earning money by delivering newspapers. He is actually the 4th member of Outlandish, they worked very close together in the early years, and Majid was always with the guys on tour and on stage, functioning as a special guest or as the actual warm up.

 Majid and Isam did some songs together just the two of them back in the late 90’s, “Caught by two cultures” as a very good example on Majid doing the verses and Isam taking the chorus and backing vocals to a higher spiritual level.

He is a “BIG” entertainer and has earned himself a great spot in al Moros hearts, by doing his own album My Struggle and featuring all 3 of Outlandish published albums. He’s currently working at his second album in the studio.


23 Responses to “Majid”

  1. ALLAH BLESS my moro

  2. heyyyyy nice site ..i came across it this day !
    its awesome that u speak about these ppl a big LOST moro !!
    from morocco..anywayz keep it up!
    God bless 🙂

  3. May Allah bless you all

  4. may u help wit lyrics of Majid’s songs, they are nice!! really, wondering, cultures and styles are not ordinary… Good!

  5. what is a moror?

  6. Peace be upon you all, He is very nice man… 😀 I like hem

  7. ahlan majid mlih nach jamal maroc asrigh chwayt an mosika annach t3ajbayi mlih

  8. As salamu alaikom
    Hey, I wana ask you, plzz tell me who is this guy who singing with Majid “My struggle” pllzzzzzz somebody tell me… 😦
    Good bless

  9. urgh…y do i even bother…a guy assuming himself to be a muslim…writting his name in the quranic way on his shirt…ruined his beard…n have an NY cap…naah…garls….he aint going no where

  10. Why do you say “assuming himself to be a muslim”? You’re not the one to judge. I see him almost everyday and he meets everyone with a smile no his face – Isn’t that what our Prophet has taught us? So don’t judge ..

  11. from where can i get the mp3 of my struggle?

  12. Can somebody tell me Majid’s official web sit?

  13. You are Sooooo goood man , i like “My Struggle”.. sooo coool , peace

  14. what the f**k was that

  15. damn man he don’t looks like raper

  16. hallo ,its hounor for me that i see the guy like majid are singer as for to send the message to the world by music and and good words that he use ,i know i lot of majid because he is from plase jaadar or jodora sofla ;so im glad for him.

  17. hallo ,its hounor for me that i see the guy like majid are singer as for to send the message to the world by music and and good words that he use ,i know i lot of majid because he is from plase jaadar or johora sofla ;so im glad for him.

  18. hello,i’m rachid and know i am with my friend 3aziz the brother of jamal.all of as are neibers of majid in maroco and we know him so well.i wont to say hi to majid and to tell him that he is a greet one and we are waiting for his new albom and we hope that he will make alot of albums en futur. i hope you good luck, man.

  19. Salam AZUL Miss-Nmouth Ino MAJID AMEKRAN

    DEt her er meget alvorlig PLZ Jeg vil håbe at du kan reagere på den komentar/besked, da jeg vil meget gerne i kontakt med dig,
    på forhånd tak.

    Mange varme rifman greetings

  20. ok i just wanna ask what does moro mean and i cn;t help but i did not like the songs that majid did with outlandish i mean there was loads of bad words and that’s not the pint outlandsh was suposing to reach

  21. sr sila said ,
    the word moro is so smal(4 litters). but is beg word(in the signification). this word has big meaning, gig meaning. and i will tray to explain you littel bit and as i can this word.
    in the sigle vv the romanian ompire has called northe of africa (maroco and algeria now). caoutry of MOR. and the people of this t2 countries MAUROS.
    And the qrics had cold the poeple that was living in thousbplases mouresquion.
    this is the sourse of the nime of MORO. as we make the conclusan that the moro are the name of the poeple of the northe of africa especially marruico and algiria.
    with time poeple has gone using the word of MORO for diferant meaning, good using and bad using as well.example they call moro to people that they come from marroco to work in their contry, to show their descasting.
    they call people of sertain religians moros (moslims).but with bad inteintians.
    And ther is alot of meaning of the word MORO, And even with good inteintans or bad, it mean people that live in northe africa (marruico and aljiria).
    i hope to have explained littel bit this ord. for any more explication put it in the word MORO in google,enciclopidia. And you will findeout the meaning of the word.

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