Mintman born as Carsten Mortensen was born in the Danish city named Holbæk. He is an awardwinning and platinum selling producer, composer and remixer. He discovered a great interest in music at an early age and soon started playing guitar and composing his own music. In the late 1970s he got a record deal with a band named Knasterne and they did 2 albums before splitting up in the mid 1980s. After the split Mintman got very fascinated by the possibilities of the modern recording studio and he started working closely with prominent people in the Danish music businesss such as Cutfather and SoulShock.

He’s the producer behind Aicha and a remixer for both Phil Collins, LL Cool J and Lil Kim just to mention a few. He is a part of the urban-company Soulcamp, where Outlandish and Jonas among other artists found their way.


7 Responses to “Mintman”


  2. He is makin the hit”s !!!!!!!!!

  3. No , he is a danish actor

    He is soo sexyyyyy

  4. Let of some steam…is smoking…

  5. The mintman sounddddddddd , we like 🙂 more more

  6. We miss the old Outlandish sound with the Mintman flavour – thats EPIC

  7. The Main Man 🙂

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