Zaki is the provocative kid on the block. The guy that writes songs so clear and spits them out so loud, that his tribute to an album project in Denmark, sending the message of being open minded and tolerant, was censured away! Zaki is half Egyptian half Danish born Muslim and one of the most recognized producers and minds behind many music projects in Denmark and in Egypt as well. He is a close and old friend of Outlandish, and he helped them and inspired them a lot during their album makings and promotion.

Zaki is so busy and requested all the time, that he hasn’t got the time for making more albums since his debutalbum named Music Mosaic. One could say that the term  “Music Mosaic” is also the music Outlandish does.The album of Zaki contains his old father rapping in Arabic, Chilean instruments, Danish singers, human beat boxing, telephone callings and his censured song “Tragic” as well.

Listen to songs from his debut album here, nr 2+3+4 are really great



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  1. URGH….

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