Outlandish have been and is still touring around the world from time to time. They are always on the run and always very wanted from many sites, everything from Scandinavian Christmas show to the Wedding of the Royal Danish Crownprince, Conference about Islamophobia in Denmark to Promotion in New York and Award show in Saudi Arabia. Here are the dates you can expect Outlandish performing on stage, tv or in radio

26/1 – Falkonér-Salen / CopenhagenSongs for Freedom”

2/2 2007 Melqweg / Amsterdam

11 Responses to “Tour”

  1. I saw Outlandisnh live at gig in London, Scala, and i was blown away, they were amazing, unfortunately they do not tour London as much as many of thier fans wished they did.

    Please keep me posted as soon as tour dates for London are released, I am now just looking forward and cannot wait until their next gig.


  2. outlandish were awesome at scala, the sad thing was it wasnt big enough. i love thoes boys to bits, and look forward to seeing them soon. plz plz keep me posted. i want to be at the front next time. love you. xxXXXXxx

  3. SubhanAllah the gig in London was fab!!! I think it was perfect intimate gig more of this kind of gig please!!!

  4. plz can any1 tel me when outlandish wil preform in manchester plz thak you

  5. no go die sum where u fuckin asshole

  6. Is there a link which has information regarding London Tour dates?

    Many Thanks

  7. f u

  8. hey guess wut hina we dont give a crap bout wut u saw or wut u did


  9. they are coming royal albert hall on march 23rd…:D
    all u lukky guys cn cummm..buh i dnt no if i cnn cuz i live all da waii in derbyy
    plzz rplyyy….fankyeww

  10. wen are they coin to london 2009, there is a big demand to see them live in london!!!!

  11. i heard they will be perfroming at a hall in east london

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