Aicha was indeed and without any doubt the manifestation of Outlandish world wide accept and success. The video was shot in the streets of Copenhagen and at the guys’ native soil Brøndby Strand. The video for Aicha was something very new, interesting and enlightening for the young people watching around the globe. First of all the video earned lots of respect from the majority, who were fed up of all the bimbo’s and ho’s in the common hip-hop videos. Second of all the video managed to show a typical everyday life in a multicultural society, from a positive view. Where people actually got a long, enjoyed their life and were happy, leaving big question marks for the negative never-ending discussion of all the negativities in immigration and integration.

Aicha was played constantly, and the guys placed themselves in a lot of people’s hearts, especially the young ladies gave them a lot of attention. The video pictured Outlandish more like a boy band, and they were interviewed by loads of glamour’s gossip magazines and posters of them, were suddenly a normal object in many teenagers’ rooms. The video was their big and expected breakthrough, and it lead them out touring for over a year, especially in Germany and Scandinavia 

The video is really a tribute to all women, to all the mothers, sisters and daughters and their great importance. And isn’t some deep love song filled with passion and desire for one girl carrying the name Aicha, which many people think. Aicha means “life” in Arabic, and the video is a short story, showing different woman and girls life, from when they wake up, pray, go to school. 

15 Responses to “Aicha”

  1. in what version of Arabic does “Aicha” mean “life”? I’ve never heard it translated as that before….

  2. Aicha in arabic means, “She’s alive” the name is like a wish for the girl to survive, cuz you know in the past centuries most families lost some children…

  3. thanks for answering brother Ahmed. I never knew that. I always assumed it was a popular name because of the Prophet’s (pbuh) wife.

  4. hi am aisha from kuwait

  5. Aicha

    I am the father of a beautiful 2 year old Aicha, we speel it Aiysha in English. It is the name of Prophet Mohammed’s favority wife and it means “she who lives”

  6. THIS SONGS IS LOVELY IT REALLY GETZ 2 URE HEART! I THINK ITZ WONDERFUL DEM BIGGIN UP SPECIAL WOMEN IN DARE LIFEZ!This is a song 4 any girl wen u here it you’ll know wot i mean.

  7. Aicha is one of my favorite songs thanks 4 writing it !!!!!!!!!!! =)

  8. i ❤ oulandish and mintman

  9. It is so sweet, especially little boy Fazian 😀 Mashallah I like these I wass work translation in bos. language 😀 Sweet really…

  10. My favourite song & video!!! This song really GREAT!

  11. i wanna get their posters! does anyone know where i can get them???

  12. reading this entry explained a lot regarding the song.. i just randomly *ahem* was browsing outlandish songs… came across this one.
    its the most beautiful song ever!


    LOVE UU!

  14. i love this song ^^

  15. to all the ladies in the world…. respect urselfs…its one of our main lessons… and isam this song has wonderful and meaningful lyrics! i almost felt that u spoke to me… lol
    peace and blessings- aysha ❤ jersey yooo!!

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