When Outlandish became famous and media darlings, role models and superstars the expectations for their second album Bread and Barrels of Water, and the following video were very high. Lucky for the guys the budget for the second serious video shooting was high as well. Meaning they could team up with their good friend and very skilled producer Toke. Together they realised the idea of a happy and chilling video, showing the joys of life, gathering with friends and family and the concept of just having a good time. The video was shot in the streets of

Copenhagen named Istedgade (Actually known for being a dirty and criminal street) and at the coast named Strandvejen (The Beach way).  We see Isam at the local supermarket, shopping groceries and spitting words at the same time. Like he’s rap in the first verse of

Guantanamo “in the supermercado” Waqas shows his great passion for his country and its cricket culture and Lenny almost looks like he’s back in Cuba while he walks down the coastline, buying fishes from Isam’s cousin Mohamed Bellajarou, also known as Danï Rai.  It’s not only Isam’s cousin who appears in the video, all the persons are actually familymembers or friends. People like Majid, Waqas mother in the kitchen and his cousin playing DJ, their producers Jay-B (Jeppe Bisgård) and Saqib are also to be found.  The video became extremely popular in
Denmark and in the entire
Scandinavia, because it was a video you could watch again and again, exploring new things or small details, it maked you wanna dance and smile and have fun.Outlandish was definitely back after 2 years of album making! 


One Response to “Guantanamo”

  1. dis is d perfect summer song!

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