Kom Igen


Kom Igen

For the Kom Igen video there were only 3 keywords from director Spoonz. Keep it simple, black and white. All guys managed to do so with only one exception, Isam insisting of wearing the T-shirt with the quote of Malcolm X “The truth is on the side of the Oppressed” in ah ah Grey. The T-shirt drew a lot of attention in some communities, among them a big discussion at hahmed.com, where Isam B spent a hell of a time explaining why he had chosen the shirt and so on.  Beside that it was the first video starring Outlands’ new friends and master band The Gypsies. Gypsies added a raw and cool attitude together with Waqas and his famed Pakistani scarves.  

The video itself reminds us quite a lot of the new style inside the big hiphopscene, and its way of portraying the raw gangsta-like underground society. If you take a look at Snoop Dogg and Pharrels “Drop it like it’s hot” you will find many similarities. The missing colours, the added contrasts and sharpness – the laid back style, some dancing and some spitting rhymes. Especially the intro and end is worth noticing. Outlandish really establish their name and their 3 personalities. Waqas with his scarf and sunglasses. Lenny with his cross and clothing. Isam with his shirt and head wearing.

One Response to “Kom Igen”

  1. I just wondering why Majid’s(?) part (the last Arabic stanza) is not in the video.

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