Mano A Mano

Mano A Mano

The video made for Mano A Mano is sort of an amateur video, but it was still made by professional people. Outlandish participated in a interview made by a summer program for Danish kids around 2001, the part of the program was that all artist had to do a video at the location place, besides the interview itself. Since the program was filmed at an Old Danish castle and big botanic park named Ledreborg Slotspark. The video was shot in the woods and at one of the castle dungeons. A bit silly but it turned out all right. 

mano3.jpg mano.jpg mano9.jpg mano11.jpg mano25.jpg mano19.jpg


7 Responses to “Mano A Mano”


  2. I luff isam

  3. yes yes we need to watch it!! anyone can upload it????????

  4. where’s th link of th video ??!!!!!! plz put it

  5. dont u guys got a brain ur supposed to go on youtube dumbass

  6. and this video is fuckin gud

  7. doesnt anyone have the video?!!!!!!!!!!! Aras what are you doing, people have been asking for this video since MAY and you havent even bothered commenting!

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