Walou 2004

Walou 2004

The guys had now earned themselves bigger budgets in almost everything, from samples, musicians, promoting to videos. Since Walou is one of their absolute personal favourite songs and because it was their first hit ever, they always wished to do a better video for the song. During an interview about what they would do if they ever won 1 million kr, Isam told the first thing he would do was travelling to Morocco and shoot a new and great video for Walou. And that’s what they did. 

The video is about the big immigrant problem Morocco and Spain have been dealing with for several years. People hoping and believing in a new and better future in Europe travels thousands of miles from every corner of Africa every year. They live at the north coast of Morocco for some days or even weeks, sleeping at the beach and begging on the streets, until one day they risk everything when they try to cross the Mediterranean by swimming. People get killed every year and the whole situation is very sad. The Walou-video reflects this subject.

We follow a young kid from the harbour city Tanger and his preparation for this dangerous task. He’s selling cigarettes in the streets together with his friends, shirking his school and doing dirty jobs for rich foreigners – so that he can earn money enough to buy the needed equipment.  At the same time we see Outlandish in a physical representation of their process in making, writing and come up with ideas for their lyrics.

They came up with the idea for this video, when they were discussing possible issues to portray. Isam remembered his Uncle telling him a story from when he were at one of these crossing ferries, standing outside, when he suddenly saw a little kid struggling in the water with a piece of rope, trying to attach himself for the ferry. (That’s what you see at the end) 


3 Responses to “Walou 2004”

  1. who is the director of the new Walou music video..?

  2. chonn,mn kurdm ..hiwadarm btwann tebgan ….zor mu3jibtanm u 7az ba sawttan akam,,,har sar kautubn,,,eshalla….

  3. i luv walou lik isam
    one i sogin 2 be min insha ALLAH!!!!!!!

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