Look into My Eyes

Look into

my eyes

Look into My Eyes carries not only a strong lyric and message, but a very strong and imaginative video as well. Once again Isam came up with an idea. Outlandish wanted to try out something new and special; therefore they decided it could be fun to try something with theatre out.  The strong, serious and deep lyrics needed a contrast, an element that could softer the heartrending lyrics. When you do a music video it’s very important that you manage to create something people will pay attention to, remember and especially want to watch more than just one time. A video of hardcore pictures and footages from the
Middle East conflict wouldn’t exactly reach the mainstream audience. Since the year 2005 in
Denmark was dedicated for HC. Andersen and everything about theatre, folk- and fairytales, the guys thought it would be very relevant with the cover of the famous Little Red Ridinghood story.

They had lots of fun recording it and especially casting the roles. Originally Isam had the role for the old Grandmother! Lenny then thought he had figured it out and didn’t want to act in women-clothing, so he volunteered to be the wolf and thought he had been the smart one. Then the setup changed and Waqas got the role as prompter, Isam as the narrator and then Lenny was stuck with the lovely wolf costume 😉 He did a good job though. The video was a great success in Scandinavia and Germany, climbed the charts for over half a year.


5 Responses to “Look into My Eyes”

  1. Outlandish- my favorite band….. i can’t live without their music….. it’s like a narcotic for me:)

  2. DIS IS WOT U CALL A SONG! N ALL DAT OTHER CRAP ON TV CNT COMPARE 2 IT! Outlandish r a one of a kind group noone else cn do it like dey do!

  3. i cant get on any websites theyre blocked. i dont know what happened to isam

  4. I love this song >>look into my eyes<< very
    Isam you have a great voice
    I thank outlandish for all the perfect songs they have created!!
    Thank you all!!

  5. what genre is the song

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