During their 10 years in the music business, Outlandish have done quite a few videos. They recorded their first video ever in 2000/2001, in Morocco for Walou. The video shows different footages of the very young guys walking around rapping and singing in the dessert by sunset, the local houses of mosaic, the landscape, up and down the mountain roads and small huts. The video had a very little budget, since they were new among other successful rapgroups in Denmark, and at the Danish music scene as well. The video was received with great interest inDenmarkat that time tough, because it was something new, different and more interesting than the usual “Cars and chicks” videos that were running in the TV 24/7. 

9.jpg 40.jpg walou21.jpg walou15.jpg walou18.jpg walou9.jpg

42.jpg walou11.jpg 8.jpg

9 Responses to “Walou”

  1. wot does walou mean?

  2. “Walou” mean Nothing

  3. in wat language is that word ???

  4. in wat language is that word “walou” ???

  5. It in Arabic, but Moroccan dialect…

  6. yeah people wut does da word”WALOU” mean

  7. This songs is nce n the lyrics is manshaAllah however…da music…naah..its hARAAM MNAN…..

  8. Aslamuakum outlandish you guys totally rock May Allah bless you guys and I thank you for coming to Chicago for Voices for change!!!!

  9. salamun alaykum OUTLANDISH
    hopefully I’ll thank u one day, too for coming to us- germany


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